It is our hope that this website will assist you and your family in planning for one of life's most challenging decisions. Congleton Funeral Home offers

  • Traditional and Non-Traditional Services
  • Headstone Selection
  • Urn, Casket, Vault and Garment Display
  • Cremation
  • Floral Selections
  • Pre-Need Planning and Financing
  • Bereavement Counseling and Outreach Programs
  • Notary Services

Our Services

You can now handle all of your funeral service needs through our Funeral Home. A "one stop shop"! We are available to provide you with: custom floral arrangements, dove release, beautifully printed programs, prayer cards, caskets, vaults, and you can even begin the process of researching a headstone or monument for your loved one.

We provide services exclusively to fit the desires of you and your loved ones. From Full Service Funerals to Direct Cremations, we are dedicated to servicing all your needs in-house.  Although we specialize in Full Service Funerals we provide services such as: Graveside Services, Direct Cremation, a Memorial Service or anything else in between, we cater to you, hoping to make an already difficult time a lot less difficult.  

"We are here to serve you, paying attention to your every detail!"


Cremations should be a family decision. You may want to discuss these services with your loved ones.


Pre-planning is more commonly done during a person's life. This smart option allows you to make your own decisions on how you would like your services to be handled by personalizing things exactly the way you want. Pre-planning also comes as a useful suggestion for those who cannot physically come in to make their arrangements themselves (ex. bed written, hospitalized, in a nursing home, etc.)

Make your appointment to come in and make your pre-arrangements today!


Some cemeteries solicit heavily in the purchase of burial plots before you need them. Be sure to find out: 
~Where the grave space is located
~If the opening fee is included when you purchase the grave lot
~If it is necessary to purchase a burial vault or liner before need (cost of vault or liner may be less expensive when actually needed)


We can now do headstones/markers that you can customize. Call us to set up your appointment.

Payment Policy

We accept all major credit cards: Master Card, Visa, Discover, Diners Club, and American Express. We also accept insurance assignments for your convenience to fund your service needs.

Additional Services and Considerations

Caskets Online? 

A third party casket can be obtained online from an unknown vendor. If you purchase through your computer's internet connection, consider these important factors and questions:

  • Is there a delivery charge?
  • Will the company deliver to your place of choice?
  • Find out what is included; blankets and/or pillows?
  • If the casket is damaged, will the company replace it? If so, how long will the process take?

Note: The funeral home may not be able to intercede should a problem arise. Heavily consider your funeral home's products to ensure quality and protection of your funeral service items.

Consumer (Death) Information

Symptoms of Grief

As we continue to live though life, we experience different types of losses. At childhood, we may have experienced loss of a pet, even a goldfish, and as we grow in life, we learn how to handle our losses.

Identifying a loss though grief is to understand the stages in which one goes  through.

In 1991, Elizabeth Kubler-Ross became widely recognized for her work on the 5 stages of death and dying.
These stages, which can be experienced in any order are:

  1. DENIAL- Which is a refusal to accept death as the end.
  2. ANGER- Rage at times of the prospect of dying.
  3. BARGAINING- A hopeful "lets make a deal" type of attitude with a Higher Power to prevent a delay on death.
  4. DEPRESSION- Realizing the finality of death and feeling loss through the end of life.
  5. ACCEPTANCE- Reaching a point where death and end of life issues are accepted and resolution of unfinished business with loved ones are explored.

Why Choose A Funeral?

Do you know the real reason why we have FUNERALS?  What type of disposition would you select?  Burial or cremation?  Funerals are for the living.... The more you have the opportunity to participate, the more meaningful and significant the funeral will be to you.  People need time to grieve, time to face reality, and time to bring closure.  A viewing is one way of preventing unresolved grief, especially in children.  The best way to share value and concern is to present a meaningful and healing funeral.  What has one done in their lifetime?  What good would someone say about you?