Pre-Arrangement Center

PreArrangement is very easy. It is a common-sense approach to making choices and recording your wishes at a time when thinking is clear and emotions aren’t unusually high.

You can pre-arrange any type of service you desire.

Your plans may be as detailed or as general as you wish. Having the luxury of time, you can consider your desires as well as others’, then we can help you create a service that will be uniquely your own.

We can show you ways to make your money work much harder for you. With the wide range of funeral funding plans available at Glenn’s, there’s one that’s right for everyone, and the younger you start the greater the benefits can be.

But you’re not required to have a funding plan or even spend a penny to pre-arrange.
Please call the funeral directors at Miller-Schapmire Funeral Home at 270-298-3201 for additional information.